Your Questions Answered



For most events- no. We are set up for espresso CATERING, just like a food caterer. Think of us like the open bar, not the cash bar. 

For some large festival type events, we can modify our set up to accommodate taking cards only. (No Cash) Please call or e-mail to see what we can figure out!

Are you insured and licensed, my venue requires it?

Yes. We are insured with over $2,000,000 in liability insurance to protect both you and your guests. We will gladly talk with your venue to figure what documents they need, and quickly get it to them.

How can I customize my event?

These are just some of the fun ways we can add a personal touch to your coffee bar: (Each item below is approximately a $50 add-on)

  • Custom cup sleeves can be ordered imprinted with logos, names, wedding dates, whatever you choose to make it uniquely yours.

  • Customized menu’s can bring a personal touch to your event. A bride or groom favorite let’s your guests know a little more about what you enjoy. And re-naming drinks to include employee names, or names for a company promotional will definitely generate some conversation.

Do you use porcelain cups?

Our standard cups are 8 oz. insulated paper cups. We will gladly serve into porcelain cups, glass cups, travel mugs, or rental cups that you provide.  Be aware that any change from 8 oz. volume will result in different  drinks/hour.  Let us know what you are thinking of and together we can figure and adjust as needed.  

How much room do you need? Water? Power?

Each machine requires a 110v 15 amp dedicated circuit. It cannot be shared with other appliances, as it will uses all 15 amp at peak. The outlet should be within 20 feet of the cart. We will provide extension cords if needed, as they need to be a very heavy 12 gauge cord. But distance to a plug should not be more than 40 feet. As for water, we bring our own distilled water and we can work out of a space as small as 6’ x 4’. 

Can you come early to set up? 

Our rate includes one hour of time for set up before serve time, and immediate tear down time after service.  Early  set up, incurs $50/hour addition per hour or part of while the barista waits to begin service or is delayed in breakdown after the event.